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Earth Apple




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At Nature' there is a lot of great information about what we believe is one of nature's SMARTEST foods-the Jerusalem Artichoke.


These potato-like tubers are quite the versatile vegetable. They offer an alternative and unique flavor to dishes, and surprisingly have LOADS of nutritious health benefits!


Jerusalem Artichokes are very simple to grow, too. No special soil, planting, or climate requirements are needed, and they are naturally organic!


Storage is simple. Jerusalem Artichokes can stay in the ground (since they self-propagate) until they are ready to be eaten, making them not only easy to keep, but provide for the freshest, most nutrient-rich vegetable, ready to eat! Wow, we like that!


Once planted, the Jerusalem Artichoke will come up year after year, maintenance-free, providing for a great stand-by food staple whenever you need - making it also the ideal food shortage solution!

The Jerusalem Artichoke is a member of the sunflower family. It is a root (looking similar to's a brown, knobby tuber). They have a delicate, nutty, artichoky taste with hints of water chestnuts. Raw, they are crunchy. They have been described as a cross between a potato (the shape and the heartiness), a parsnip (the texture and less starchiness) and an artichoke (a hint of the artichoke's sweetness and delicate flavor). They are DELICIOUS and SUPER easy to grow, store and prepare. Smart!

Jerusalem Artichokes are easy to grow (requiring little or no effort once planted). They are very disease-resistant, and are tailor-made for organic gardening. They survive in extreme conditions and produce higher crops in comparison with other root crops. This crop is adapted to various soil types and cultural conditions, making them suitable for most regions. They are vigorous growers, and gardeners are more likely to end up with excessive quantities of plants and tubers than too few. Smart living!

Jerusalem Artichokes are starch, fat and cholesterol-free, and are a great source of potassium and iron. They are considered good for DIABETICS because they are filling, but don’t raise blood sugar levels. They help to STIMULATE and repopulate intestinal flora (healthy intestinal bacteria) in the gut, and relieve constipation.
Other benefits include: supports proper mineral absorption (especially important for women), cardiovascular health and immune function, as well as proper blood sugar and fat metabolism.
That’s really smart!